Bulk Mailer Features

Bulk Mailer - Bulk Email Software


Send Fast

The sending engine provides high sending speed by using up to 500 connections at one and the same time. An average computer is able to send up to 20 000 messages per hour.


Relay Sending Mode

Due to security reasons some ISP close port 25 and set restrictions on the amount of outgoing emails. Bulk Mailer works with your existing ISP email settings. You can choose the sending mode that is convenient for you.



Unlike typical ISP which allow to send 100 email messages per hour, with Bulk Mailer you can send about 30000 emails every week. There is an option of sending a particular number of email messages per hour. You need just to leave the software working and within a week all your messages will be sent.


List Management

With Bulk Mailer you can manage an unlimited number of lists, remove duplicates, and perform other operations. Each list can contain an unlimited number of recipients.


Powerful HTML Editor

With Bulk Mailer it is possible to make colorful HTML messages. You can include fonts, graphics and colors you like. You can create appealing newsletters with Flash movies, sound and video embedded inside the message. Bulk Mailer accepts all kinds of file attachments.

When you create an HTML message, there is automatically created a plain text version of your newsletter. If the recipients’ reader doesn’t support HTML, the message will be shown in plain text. Bulk Mailer has an option to load the message created in another program/HTML Editor.