Free Email Marketing Software

Free Email Marketing Software



Free email marketing is still working. Currently postal mail is not as popular as it previously was. Email newsletters, announcements, and reports are now commonly used by businesses. They market their products and services via emailing system because it’s cost-effective, fast and enough easy way to promote. One of the ways to do free marketing is to build an email list around a target audience.

Free Email Marketing Software



  • Create newsletters which will be interesting and truly informative for your prospects.
  • Always reach out for getting permission to receive your weekly or monthly newsletters. A simple opt in/opt out form in the end of your message will show a kind of respect from your side. Recipients would certainly appreciate it.
  • Offer discounts or small gifts to those who subscribe for your newsletters. People like incentives.
  • Be in contact with your customers. Allow them to leave their opinions about the services or products you offer. Feedback is crucial if your aim is to have a stable audience and prospering business.

However emailing to individuals can seem an arduous task and would certainly consume a lot of your valuable time.

Email marketing software is what you need to send thousands of emails with a single click. An ideal email sender should include multiple options for running successful campaigns. So, what are the most essential features a bulk email sender should have?

Contact list feature - it should be flexible. Email lists management allows you to sort contacts lists, get detailed report after each sending, and perform easy import and export.

Spam issue - it should be resolved with the program you use for mass mailing. There is no any sense to mass mail if your messages are thrown in a junk folder.

Templates - check for a software that includes readymade templates which can be used to customize your email messages.

Charges – make sure that you have correctly understood information on how an email marketing vendor is going to charge you: on monthly, early basis, or it will be a onetime fee.

Tracking - provides you detailed information about the results of sending.  Be aware of how your recipients behave after receiving newsletters from you. Timely report about opens, click-throughs and unsubscribes will help you to better analyze your campaigns, so you can make changes (if needed) a.s.a.p.

Bulk Mailer is a program that is going to meet all the requirements listed above.  Being very comprehensive tool with user-friendly interface, it is going to deliver your messages directly into the inbox folder. Several sending modes, built-in SMTP server, powerful contacts list management, easy sending results analyzing, and many other features are included in the program. This software can do much more for your business that you can imagine. Build strong and trustful relationships with your recipients. Email marketing software is primary tool to achieve success in the world of marketing.